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Acme Labs is currently recruiting dedicated players!
Game News
Hello Acme Labs, Fruitless here.

This website has been created so we could focus on guild progression. Many of us have hit a soft wall in terms of PVE gear collection and it is time to take a leap as a guild into the raid dungeons that Cataclysm has to offer.

Please create an account and feel free to use the website to it's fullest potential. Over the next few weeks we will focus on providing functional content to our site that will hopefully turn our guild page into your homepage.

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Sunday Raiding

3lfk1ng, Mar 14, 11 1:00 PM.
First of all I would like to say thanks to all of those that have been online Sunday evenings ready to raid. Your attendance shows that people are thirsty to experience new content.

As you all know the last two weeks have been sorely disappointing in terms of guild raid progression. Both Sunday raids had to be cancelled due to lack of being able to put together a proper raid makeup. We've come to realize that our guild is lacking in dedicated tanks and healers. As it stands right now we have numerous tanks being raised to 85 to fulfill this need but we are still looking for dedicated healers. If you have an alt healer(Pally, Priest, or Druid) or would like to spec a healer, please let me know and I will do everything in my power to assist in your progression.

Because of our current raiding scenario you will notice that Sundays raids have been changed to BWD instead of BH and BWD. This is so that interested raiders can continue to run BH during the week in hopes that they will attain gear that will assist the guild. This change has also been made to prevent people from waiting until Sunday when we may or may not have TB in our possession or enough players online to form a raid. If we have TB in our possession during the week and enough players online I will try to form a BH raid even if we have to pug a few players.

Thank you,

Great Success!

3lfk1ng, Feb 28, 11 2:45 AM.
<ACME LABS> has completed our first 2 raid bosses.
BH - Argaloth
BWD - Magmaw

Special thanks to everyone who attended the raid and worked hard to learn the fights - it only gets easier from here.

Time to make some serious progress

3lfk1ng, Feb 16, 11 4:51 PM.
This coming weekend is one of hopefully many raid readiness weekends.

We ask that you spend some time running heroic dungeons to collect additional PVE gear in preparation for upcoming raids, or at least help others attain what pieces they need.
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